Towards a water-wise world Annual report 2014

Author(s): Elias-Maxil, J.A., van der Hoek, J.P., Hofman, J., & Rietveld, L. 

A Bottom-up Approach to Estimate Dry Weather Flow in Minor Sewer Networks.

15 July 2014Peer review


In order to evaluate the feasibility of installing decentralised installations for wastewater reuse in cities, information about flows at specific spots of a sewer is needed. However, measuring intermittent flows in partially filled conduits is a technical task which is sometimes difficult to accomplish. This paper describes a method to model intermittent discharges in small sewers by linking a stochastic model for wastewater discharge to a hydraulic model to predict the attenuation of the discharges and its impact on the arrival time to a defined spot. The method was validated in a case study. The model estimated adequately the wastewater discharges on working days.

In: Water Science and Technology 69(2014)5, p:1059-1066

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