Towards a water-wise world Annual report 2014

Big energy and water savings  

A new, sustainable building for KWR

17 November 2014Organisation

It’s the end of 2014 and it’s done: KWR’s new building is ready! John van Mourik of the Aqua Redivivus building consortium, together with Wim van Vierssen, chair of the Client Committee, jointly sign the transfer document. In the new year, KWR’s staff can start working in the new building, which is conceived for and dedicated to collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation.

In early 2012, architects cepezed produced the definitive design for a modern, multi-functional building that meets the latest sustainability and environmental-integration standards. Following a selection procedure, the Aqua Redivivus building consortium got down to work on the project in the spring of 2013. A few months later, one could see the new building, with its steel construction, concrete floor and building-high curtain walls, rise from the ground. The building is built and designed with a view to facilitating collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation. With its open meeting spaces and visible laboratories on the first floor; and with its eye-catching central cascade stairs with stainless-steel waterfalls on either side.


Saving energy and water

The building’s interior space presented the construction team with a big challenge, because it involved the combination of materials, high levels of finish and complex installations. Partly thanks to these installations – a solar water heater, LED lighting, solar panels, energy-efficient equipment and an aquifer thermal energy storage (ATES) system – the building’s energy consumption will be cut by 65 percent compared to the old building. The new building will also make significant water savings: through the reuse of process water and the installation of water-saving urinals, it will consume 25 percent less water and discharge 60 percent less wastewater. Sustainability has also been a prime consideration in the choice of building materials – there’s a lot of glass. The flexible and dismountable structure also ensures that the building, whenever necessary, can be transformed in harmony with changes in the organisation.

Together with water partners

Thanks to the use of smart techniques, architectural concepts and sustainable materials, starting in 2015, KWR will dispose of a new, future-proof building. Reststoffenunie and the Foundation for Water Education, both of which were located in the old KWR building, will be moving to the new building too. Referring to the joint accommodation, KWR’s CEO Wim van Vierssen says that “the building houses a number of fine water partners. Together we stand strong, we complement – and are also a little tied to – each other.”

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