Towards a water-wise world Annual report 2014


Business Operations

5 August 2014Organisation

The Business Operations team ensures that KWR’s research work receives optimal support. Some of its processes involve work “behind the scenes” – financial and personnel administration, facilities support and network administration, for instance. The objective is to have the processes function as efficiently, reliably and smoothly as possible. In other areas Business Operations is increasingly an interlocutor of management. This is of course the case when it comes to its business-economic prudential role, but the team is also more and more involved in areas such as organisation and staff development, and new technological developments.

For Business Operations, 2014 is marked mostly by the new building and the activities surrounding the move. The team works closely with the building consortium. The physical building is the most visible component, but the move also involves a digital revolution, as a result of which all staff members will have full digital support in their work. All paper files are being digitalised and the staff will be using as little paper as possible.

In parallel with this process, the core financial and HRM systems are being entirely replaced. This will allow management and staff members to themselves gain a current insight into – and grasp of – performance. It goes without saying that this digital sea change also calls for a significant change in behaviour. This transition has been very carefully prepared, supervised and implemented. The result: a smooth and flexible bringing into operation of the new building in practically every respect.


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