Towards a water-wise world Annual report 2014

KWR’s new research agenda 

Integrated, sustainable solutions for society

20 October 2014Organisation
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Driven by developments in the national and international water sector, society and science, in 2014 KWR establishes a new research agenda: Water-Wise World. The main objective of the new agenda is to empower the water sector to manage water in a healthy, sustainable, innovative and efficient way.

2 important contemporary societal trends are the evolution from a linear to a circular economy, and the changing expectations and perceptions of citizens. These trends call for (research into) transitions in the water sector, such as the integrated optimisation of the urban water cycle, and the shift from a central to decentral water provision, and from a technological to a socio-technical orientation.


In response to these trends, the new KWR research agenda focuses more on:
• integrated solutions for the entire water cycle,
• the interfaces between the water sector and other sectors and citizens,
• water in a circular economy, and
• the development of new, integrated socio-technical concepts for the urban water cycle.

From knowledge development to implementation

For each of the agenda’s 5 programmes, themes have been defined that render visible the contributions made by KWR to the water sector. KWR’s Chief Science Officer, Gertjan Medema, who drew up the new agenda with his colleagues explains what this means concretely: “We’ll continue with our research into the optimisation of the existing water infrastructure, but we’ll also demonstrate leadership in conducting research into new, integrated water-wise concepts for the urban water cycle of the future.” In this context, he sees knowledge development as only a first step in the transition. “The true transition demands the implementation of the knowledge by the water sector. New water-wise concepts must be applied in society. That’s why we will continue to work closely with all stakeholders in the water cycle into the future.”

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