Towards a water-wise world Annual report 2014


Peer review committee impressed by KWR’s quality

29 September 2014Organisation

At the end of September, an international peer review committee visits KWR to assess the quality of the institute’s (applied) science and recommend paths for improvement. The committee’s final conclusion was very positive.

The peer review committee consists of the following members:

• Prof. Gary Amy (KAUST University, Chairperson)
• Prof. Juliane Hollender (EAWAG)
• Adjunct Prof. Randy Hunt (US Geological Survey, Wisconsin Water Science Center)
• Prof. Paul Jeffrey (Cranfield University)
• Prof. Dragan Savic (University of Exeter)

The members are impressed by the high quality of KWR and of its staff. In the committee’s view, KWR has a strong profile and is valued by the drinking water companies. To quote from the committee’s report:

Overall, the panel has been impressed with the progress, achievements, and international stature of KWR; believes that the initial shift to a focus on research across the entire water cycle has largely been successful; and recognizes KWR’s high quality and quantity of scientific output.

The committee also judges KWR’s connections with universities very favourably. Its improvement recommendations include the need to strengthen the integration of research, and improve the implementation of knowledge in the water sector.

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