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Resource recovery in the water cycle online

22 September 2014Networks

A website that presents information on the best practices in the recovery and useful application of resources from water: that is the purpose of “”. The ultimate goal of sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience is to draw lessons from them and stimulate innovation.

The website was launched during the IWA World Water Congress in Lisbon amid the great interest of business, science and government water professionals. The site is the product of a joint effort – in the form of a TKI project – by KWR and the International Water Association (IWA). The 2 organisations complement each other nicely here: the IWA as the international organisation for professionals in the water sector, and KWR as a knowledge enterprise in the water cycle.

“The latest in the field of resource recovery”

Best practices

As a result of developments in the circular economy, interest in the subject of resource recovery is growing worldwide. Besides the optimal use and reuse of materials, the circular economy stands for the development of smart and innovative products and technologies. “The website presents the latest in the field of resource recovery in the form of best practices, allowing the visitors to draw lessons from them,” says Kees Roest, coordinator of the TKI Water Technology programme at KWR. To make it easy for the target groups to find the subjects they’re interested in, the examples are divided into 4 categories: Water, Energy, Components and Integral.

“International interest in the Dutch approach is increasing significantly”

Valuable residuals

Reststoffenunie is an example of the best practices shown on the website. The entity was established by the water sector 20 years ago, embodying a unique sectoral collaborative approach. Olaf van der Kolk can’t say whether the reason is the website, but the fact is that Reststoffenunie’s commercial operations manager has seen a significant increase this year in international interest in how they work and their position as suppliers of materials. “We distribute the earnings we generate from residuals to the residuals’ suppliers,” says Van der Kolk. “Drinking water companies see our approach as providing a healthy stimulus for them to produce residuals of a quality that the market demands. By setting up a professional organisation between the drinking water companies and the market we boost innovation. We work very closely with KWR in this effort.”

Cut out website

Cut out website

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