Towards a water-wise world Annual report 2014


The new building works

5 December 2014Organisation

KWR’s new building consumes less energy and is more efficiently designed than the old one. But does it also work? A number of KWR staff members and visitors express their views.

The design is supposed to stimulate collaboration, both among the KWR staff members and between them and KWR’s guests. The first thing that strikes the visitor is the openness: all around the central hall with its numerous meeting areas you see KWR people at work. It looks transparent and efficient, but does it actually work well? What do the staff members and guests think?

Merijn Schriks, KWR researcher:

“I wouldn’t want to go back to the old building. The greatest thing about the new one is that you can see where people are and what they’re doing. It’s much easier now to make contact and share ideas with people from other sections.”

Klaartje Rietkerken, Operational Program Manager, ISPT:

“I think it’s a magnificent, calm-radiating environment, with lovely architecture and design. The open space draws you to the central area, where you can enjoy the activity all around you. But as soon as you take your place in a meeting room, you find the quiet you need.”

Gertjan Zwolsman, Programme Director, Watershare®:

“The central meeting areas are ideal for visitors. The openness of all the spaces in and of itself makes contacts with colleagues more informal. The building is very well conceived: of course you can see the others, but you’re not troubled much by the sounds they make.”

Hans Bousema, Senior Advisor, Strategy & Policy, Brabant Water:

“The central space breathes hospitality. It is transparent, the spaces are inter-connected. It makes me feel very welcome.”

Ronald Italiaander, team leader of KWR’s microbiology laboratory:

“The labs have become very attractive, and the design is very efficient and pleasing. The laboratories are now a lot closer to each other. In the old building the collaboration was good. But now that we’re situated so much closer to each other, one meets people from the other teams even more often.”

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