Towards a water-wise world Annual report 2014

Watershare® Annual Meeting in Berlin 

The Watershare® knowledge network expands

25 July 2014Networks

‘Building the network, sharing the knowledge serving the community’: that’s the motto of the Watershare® knowledge sharing network, which has been active for several years now. 2014 has been another successful year for Watershare®, with new members, new tools, partnership projects and, lastly, a collective meeting in Berlin.

In 2014 Watershare® has welcomed 5 new members (some at the IWA World Water Congress in Lisbon):

• Korea Institute for Science and Technology (KIST)
• CTM, a Spanish technology research institute
• National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)
• Public Utility Board (PUB) from Singapore
• City of Cape Town (CCT) from South Africa

7 new tools have been developed, bringing the number of knowledge products in the Watershare® Suite to 24. One of the new tools was introduced by the brand new member NTUA: the Urban Water Optioneering Tool (UWOT). This tool enables the simulation of urban water demand to facilitate the planning and assessment of interventions in the water cycle.
In 2014, partnership projects also have been initiated with PUB and CCT.

Annual Meeting

At the end of the year, on 18 and 19 December, KWR and the Berlin Centre of Competence for Water (KWB) organises the annual meeting of all the Watershare® partners. Boris Lesjean, Deputy Director of KWB and the event’s co-organiser, says that sharing is the key objective: “ It was good to meet the new members, chat with the older ones, and share our experiences and expectations. As KWB, we were proud to have jointly organised this event with KWR. The achievements of Watershare® have again been impressive this year. And the atmosphere among the participants is good: open and constructive.”

“Watershare® is an online collaboration platform that has great potential for institutes that do applied research”

Benefits of membership

At the end of 2013, KWB decided to become a member. “Watershare® is a very innovative concept,” says Lesjean. “Its goal is to boost the valorisation of the results of public research. Designed as an online collaboration platform, the concept has great potential for institutes that do applied research, and can be of great value for all members.” When asked about the concrete benefits, Lesjean points to “the efficiency in providing the water companies with innovative solutions through a collaborative approach; the multiplication of the impact of one’s own research results thanks to the global network; and, as a consequence, the development of more and better research, innovation and demonstration projects.”

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