Towards a water-wise world Annual report 2014


Three new Supervisory Board members

1 July 2014Organisation

The Supervisory Board (SB) of KWH Water B.V. consists of 5 people. In 2014 3 of them have been replaced by new members. 2 supervisors have left the SB because they have reached the end of their terms, and another has accepted a position outside of the drinking water sector. In its new configuration, the SB is continuing its work with unchanged commitment and enthusiasm.

Chairman David Luteijn and Secretary Renko Campen have served their maximum of 2 4-year terms and are leaving the SB. Their successors are, respectively, Pier Nabuurs and Erika Marseille. The latter takes on the responsibilities of financial specialist, while the current member, Sybe Schaap, becomes Secretary. Peter Vermaat is leaving the SB prematurely because of his acceptance of another position. His successor is Guïljo van Nuland, who has been selected as a board member by his fellow directors at the shareholding companies. The management of KWH Water B.V. is very appreciative of the deep involvement that the departing members have had in KWR.

New touches

The management congratulates the new SB members on their nominations. KWR is grateful for its board members’ professional interest in and commitment to our knowledge institute. By providing input derived from their individual backgrounds and drawing on their valuable networks, they contribute their personal touch in guiding KWR’s course.

Ir. P. (Pier) Nabuurs, Chairman


Ir. P. (Pier) Nabuurs


Until 2011, Pier Nabuurs was CEO of KEMA. He was also Interim Chairman of the Energy Top Sector. Nabuurs is appointed until 1 July 2018.

Other positions:
• Independent advisor and owner of IIW (Independent Industry Watching)
• Chairman, Supervisory Board, “Oostpool” theatre group
• Member, Supervisory Board, VieCuri
• Member, Audit Committee, VieCuri
• Chairman, Quality and Safety Committee, VieCuri
• Chairman, Supervisory Board, Neptunus
• Chairman, Benchmark Commission, Borssele
• Chairman, STAK Curfs Logistics
• Member, Investment Committee, Direct Investments, PPM Oost S. (Sybe) Schaap, Secretary S. (Sybe) Schaap


Sybe Schaap is a member of the Dutch Senate, Chairman of the Netherlands Water Partnership, and former Chairman of the Association of Regional Water Authorities. Schaap is appointed until 1 July 2016.

Other positions:
• Member of the Senate (VVD)
• Chairman, Netherlands Water Partnership
• Member of the Board, Advies Palladio
• Owner/CEO of companies in the Czech Republic
• Chairman, Netherlands Commission on Genetic Modification (COGEM)

Drs. P. (Piet) Jonker, Member


Drs. P. (Piet) Jonker


Piet Jonker is General Director of the Dunea drinking water company and, in that capacity, a representative of the KWH Water B.V. shareholders. Jonker is appointed until 1 July 2015.

Other positions:
• Chairman, Supervisory Board, Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra
• Vice-Chairman, CEEP (European Centre of Employers and Enterprises)
• Vice-Chairman, Vewin

Drs. G.J. (Guïljo) van Nuland, Member


Drs. G.J. (Guïljo) van Nuland


Guïljo van Nuland is General Director of Brabant Water N.V. and, in that capacity, a representative of the KWH Water B.V. shareholders. Van Nuland is appointed until 1 July 2015.

Other positions:
• Member, Supervisory Board, Rabobank ‘s, Hertogenbosch en Omstreken
• Chairman, Supervisory Board, De Zorgboog Foundation
• Chairman, Supervisory Board, PVP Foundation
• Chairman, Supervisory Board, Neos Foundation

E.A. (Erika) Marseille, MSc, RA, Member


E.A. (Erika) Marseille


Erika Marseille is Director Financial Planning, Analysis and Reporting at AkzoNobel, and previously held various financial positions. Marseille is appointed until 1 July 2018.

Other positions:
• Treasurer, Central Bureau on Fundraising (CBF)
• Treasurer, Projects 4 Change Foundation
• Member, Supervisory Board, Lestari Foundation
• Member, Foundation for Annual Reporting
• Member, Audit Committee, Transparency International

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