Towards a water-wise world Annual report 2014

Wim van Vierssen, CEO 

Towards a water-wise world

1 January 2014Organisation
Directeur Wim van Vierssen

CEO Wim van Vierssen

The year 2014 was the year of “building for the future”. This building involved 3 totally different projects: our new building, the writing of a completely new research programme, and the broadening of our strategic perspective. Each project was an immense job, but thanks to the dedication of KWR’s staff, all 3 have been completed.

The new building came about quickly: a little over a year separated the moment the first stake was driven into the ground and our move at the end of the year. A magnificent, modern and reasonably priced building, which we all worked hard on together, and which is made precisely to our measure. We feel very much at home in it.

From a scientific perspective, the visit of an international peer review committee was extremely important, and we were naturally proud of its assessment, which qualified KWR as “outstanding”. But this compels us to continue offering our partners and clients excellent applied science into the future. In light of this, we have written a new research programme, entitled “Water-Wise World”, which has our research mission for the water sector as its essence and foundation. But beyond a wish, the programme’s title primarily expresses a societal task for all of the water sector: water, after all, plays a crucial connecting role in making our society more sustainable.

And thirdly, we have striven to provide our ambitions with even firmer economic foundations by broadening KWR’s strategic perspective. Over the past year, besides pursuing our scientific mission, we have worked hard and successfully on further expanding the membership of Watershare® . This has led to a significant extension of our professional network in the international public water sector. We have also, together with several other parties, conducted the initial exploration into a possible partnership model with large, internationally-operating Dutch companies, under the working title of ALLIED WATERS. This initiative dovetails nicely with our TKI Water Technology activities, which continue growing steadily. Otherwise, in preparation for the Horizon 2020 programme, we have, in line with our perspective-broadening effort, succeeded more than ever before in bringing the public and private sectors together.

With this triad (knowledge, skills, cash) KWR would like, on the one hand, to permanently secure its role in the international water world and, on the other, to make a societal contribution to the Dutch Water Top Sector.

With all our undertakings, 2014 was a complex year. But this also made it an exceptionally exciting and very forward-looking year for the staff at KWR. This explains the title of our annual report: “Towards a Water-Wise World”. In this online report we have attempted to present our results even more closely to our partners and clients. For the first time, I have the pleasure of wishing you pleasant reading, looking and listening.

Wim van Vierssen

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