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CTM and NTUA sign up for membership 

Watershare®: a strong presence at the IWA congress

21 September 2014Networks

From 21 to 25 September the striking Watershare® stand is in place at the World Water Congress & Exhibition of the International Water Association (IWA) in Lisbon.
Watershare® is principal sponsor of the biennial event which brings together the international water world. Watershare® was launched at the IWA congress in Busan in 2012, and now 8 members from Europe and Asia are present in the Portuguese capital.

“Our motto is ‘building the network, sharing the knowledge and serving the community’,” says Watershare® Programme Director Gertjan Zwolsman. “And by ‘community’ we mean both the knowledge institute members of Watershare® and the end-users of the knowledge all over the world. In light of this aspiration, Watershare® obviously needed to be prominently present in Lisbon in order to engage with potential partners. We want to grow to jointly solve the practical problems faced by end-users even better.” That this aspiration is not only KWR’s, but is also shared by the other Watershare® members, is confirmed by the fact that several of them make presentations on the added value of Watershare® for their own organisations, and on the sharing of knowledge and tools for the benefit of end-users. The business fora, in which the Watershare® tools are presented, are also well attended.

“We want to grow to jointly solve the practical problems faced by end-users even better”

Interest in tools

Visitors to the Watershare® stand talk with Watershare® members and with researchers involved with the tools. Many are interested in the new Watershare® SewScan tool, which allows one to deduce the consumption of partydrugs and pharmaceuticals from the composition of sewage water. The results can be used for forensic purposes, among others. The Cyano Control Guidance tool, for the containment of blue-green algae in surface and drinking water, is also the subject of much discussion. At the time of the congress, the Watershare® members have 23 tools at their disposal – a number that is constantly growing.

Celebration at the stand

There is also cause for celebration at the stand: the Spanish research institute CTM and the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) sign the official partnership agreement on-site. Thus the opportunities to apply the existing Watershare® tools, and develop new ones, in southern Europe are extended. CTM is already actively involved with the Watershare® City Blueprint tool, and plays an important role in the City Blueprint Action Group – one of the most active of the action groups within the European Innovation Partnership on Water (EIP Water) – and the European Horizon 2020 project: “BlueSCities: Blueprints for Smart Cities”. NTUA also expects a lot from its Watershare® membership. “This is a milestone for our strategy in the area of water research and development,” says Christos Makropoulos, Assistant Professor at NTUA and Chief Information Officer at KWR. “We’ve done high-quality research for years, but it has always been tough to get our tools truly known and applied in the water sector, both within and outside Greece. We think that Watershare® can play a big role in this.”

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