Towards a water-wise world Annual report 2014


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The people, facts and figures behind KWR, the knowledge enterprise.

1 January 2014 Organisation

Towards a water-wise world

Directeur Wim van Vierssen
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13 January 2014 Organisation

Management team

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1 February 2014 Organisation

Net turnover

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13 February 2014 Organisation

Shareholders and their drinking water production

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19 February 2014 Organisation

Organisation chart and staff members

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24 April 2014 Organisation

Double inaugural lecture by KWR researchers at Utrecht University

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30 April 2014 Organisation

The number of KWR publications increases once again

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16 May 2014 Organisation

Scientific Advisory Board

Wetenschappelijke Advies Raad
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1 July 2014 Organisation

Three new Supervisory Board members

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5 August 2014 Organisation

Business Operations

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29 September 2014 Organisation

Peer review committee impressed by KWR’s quality

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20 October 2014 Organisation

Integrated, sustainable solutions for society

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17 November 2014 Organisation

A new, sustainable building for KWR

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5 December 2014 Organisation

The new building works

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11 December 2014 Organisation Research

Willem Koerselman Award for Emke and De Voogt

Willem Koerselman overhandigt de prijs aan onderzoeker Erik Emke.
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13 December 2014 Organisation

Laboratories moved successfully

Er wordt op de oude en nieuwe locatie gewerkt.
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20 April 2015 Organisation

Consolidated profit and loss account KWH Water BV 2014

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19 May 2015 Organisation

Consolidated balance sheet before appropriations for profit on 31-12-2014

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