Towards a water-wise world Annual report 2014


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KWR conducts research into the water cycle for a wide range of clients.

20 January 2014 Research

Predicting the impact of climate change on nature and agriculture

Flip Witte
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8 February 2014 Research

Testing Household Water Treatment Technologies for WHO

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8 March 2014 Research

Multicomponent analyses for Het Waterlaboratorium

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2 April 2014 Research

Relationship between time perception and (professional) culture in water sector revealed

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5 May 2014 Networks Research

Broad view of hormone disruptors

Extractie van biologisch actieve stoffen met Solid Phase Extractie (SPE). Met SPE kunnen opgeloste stoffen op basis van fysische en chemische eigenschappen van elkaar gescheiden worden.
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16 May 2014 BTO Research

Relation between water and vegetation in wet grasslands

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27 May 2014 Research

Growing interest in drug research

Stap 1
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3 June 2014 Research

Reducing residual streams in drinking water production

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11 June 2014 Research

Rubber in thermostatic shower mixing valve is source of Legionella

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2 July 2014 Research

Recovering water from wastewater using forward osmosis

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14 July 2014 Networks Research

International recognition for the SIMDEUM simulation model

Like the other keynote speakers, Mirjam Blokker received a certificate from KWR for her presentation at the Water Distribution System Analysis Conference in Bari, Italy.
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1 August 2014 Research

Abu Dhabi desert dunes suitable for underground water storage

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8 August 2014 Research

Promising subsurface water storage

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24 August 2014 Research

Demonstrating the presence of pharmaceuticals in wastewater

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8 September 2014 Networks Research

Dealing with leakage losses in South Africa

Peter van Thienen presenteert de VLPV-methode bij het waterbedrijf van Kaapstad.
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11 September 2014 BTO Research

Membrane fouling control using air/water cleaning (AiRO)

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15 September 2014 Research

“Water and energy are increasingly entwined”

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3 October 2014 Research

Vitens installs smart water abstraction well to combat salinisation

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6 October 2014 Research

Residuals as the source of valuable new food proteins

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8 October 2014 Research

Helping Tergooi hospital realise its sustainability ambitions

Artist impression van het nieuwe ziekenhuis Tergooi (Wiegerinck architectuur stedenbouw
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15 October 2014 Research

Incorporating the sulphur cycle in sewage water treatment results in less sludge

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23 October 2014 Networks Research

Applying expertise for the World Health Organization

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8 November 2014 Research

Tracing fish using eDNA

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11 December 2014 Organisation Research

Willem Koerselman Award for Emke and De Voogt

Willem Koerselman overhandigt de prijs aan onderzoeker Erik Emke.
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18 December 2014 Research

Rapidly mapping nature area using remote sensing data

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