Towards a water-wise world Annual report 2014

Sustainable water cycle

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Het programma Sustainable water cycle maakt deel uit van Water-wise World, de onderzoeksagenda van KWR.

18 December 2014 Research

Rapidly mapping nature area using remote sensing data

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19 November 2014 BTO

Research into shale gas extraction in North Brabant

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15 October 2014 Research

Incorporating the sulphur cycle in sewage water treatment results in less sludge

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8 October 2014 Research

Helping Tergooi hospital realise its sustainability ambitions

Artist impression van het nieuwe ziekenhuis Tergooi (Wiegerinck architectuur stedenbouw
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6 October 2014 Research

Residuals as the source of valuable new food proteins

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3 October 2014 Research

Vitens installs smart water abstraction well to combat salinisation

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22 September 2014 Networks

Resource recovery in the water cycle online

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15 September 2014 Research

“Water and energy are increasingly entwined”

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8 September 2014 Networks Research

Dealing with leakage losses in South Africa

Peter van Thienen presenteert de VLPV-methode bij het waterbedrijf van Kaapstad.
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24 August 2014 Research

Demonstrating the presence of pharmaceuticals in wastewater

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