Towards a water-wise world Annual report 2014

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21 April 2014 BTO

Dunea can sometimes switch over from Meuse to Lek water for short periods

Een infiltratieplas van Dunea in de Zuidhollandse duinen
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11 June 2014 Research

Rubber in thermostatic shower mixing valve is source of Legionella

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20 June 2014 BTO

Better detection of contaminations in distribution networks

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23 October 2014 Networks Research

Applying expertise for the World Health Organization

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1 November 2014 BTO

Applied research for Evides Waterbedrijf

Spuiwaterbemonstering voor sediment en hydrobiologisch onderzoek (foto: Evides en KWR)
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27 December 2014 BTO

Next Generation Sequencing to monitor drinking water quality

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