27 27 December 2014 Next Generation Sequencing to monitor drinking water quality 23 23 December 2014 Potential impacts of groundwater conservation measures on catchment-wide vegetation patterns in a future climate 18 18 December 2014 Rapidly mapping nature area using remote sensing data 15 15 December 2014 Influence of acetate and propionate on sulphate-reducing bacteria activity. 13 Er wordt op de oude en nieuwe locatie gewerkt. 13 December 2014 Laboratories moved successfully 11 Willem Koerselman overhandigt de prijs aan onderzoeker Erik Emke. 11 December 2014 Willem Koerselman Award for Emke and De Voogt 8 08 December 2014 Exploring external positioning with serious game 5 05 December 2014 The new building works 3 03 December 2014 Non-target screening protects drinking water quality 28 28 November 2014 EDTA: A synthetic draw solute for forward osmosis 27 27 November 2014 Co-makership: professionals and researchers establish link between research and practice 19 19 November 2014 Research into shale gas extraction in North Brabant 17 17 November 2014 A new, sustainable building for KWR 13 Hans Huis in 't Veld, boegbeeld van de Topsector Water, opent de slimme put in Noardburgum. 13 November 2014 The course of TKI Water Technology 8 08 November 2014 Tracing fish using eDNA 1 Spuiwaterbemonstering voor sediment en hydrobiologisch onderzoek (foto: Evides en KWR) 01 November 2014 Applied research for Evides Waterbedrijf 23 23 October 2014 Applying expertise for the World Health Organization 20 20 October 2014 Integrated, sustainable solutions for society 15 15 October 2014 Incorporating the sulphur cycle in sewage water treatment results in less sludge 8 Artist impression van het nieuwe ziekenhuis Tergooi (Wiegerinck architectuur stedenbouw 08 October 2014 Helping Tergooi hospital realise its sustainability ambitions 6 06 October 2014 Residuals as the source of valuable new food proteins 3 03 October 2014 Vitens installs smart water abstraction well to combat salinisation 29 29 September 2014 Peer review committee impressed by KWR’s quality 22 22 September 2014 Resource recovery in the water cycle online 21 De Watershare®-stand is ingericht op ‘maximale interactie’: in het midden een informatiewand, daarvoor katheders die meermalen gebruikt zijn voor korte presentaties over Watershare®. Op de katheders is ook ruimte voor laptops, om door te klikken naar de website. Rechts een statafel en zithoek voor informele gesprekken. 21 September 2014 Watershare®: a strong presence at the IWA congress 18 18 September 2014 A glimpse into the future: 3D printing in the water sector 15 15 September 2014 “Water and energy are increasingly entwined” 11 11 September 2014 Membrane fouling control using air/water cleaning (AiRO) 8 Peter van Thienen presenteert de VLPV-methode bij het waterbedrijf van Kaapstad. 08 September 2014 Dealing with leakage losses in South Africa 4 Vlnr: Loet Rosenthal (PWN), Jan Peter van der Hoek (Waternet), Peter Fransman (Evides) en Ad de Waal Malefijt (Dunea) ondertekenen een intentieverklaring om de komende drie jaar samen te werken in DPWE-onderzoek. 04 September 2014 DPW research becomes DPWE research 29 29 August 2014 A probabilistic eco-hydrological model to predict the effects of climate change on natural vegetation at a regional scale 24 24 August 2014 Demonstrating the presence of pharmaceuticals in wastewater 20 20 August 2014 Tracing disinfection by-products through nitrogen labelling 13 13 August 2014 Spatial differences and temporal changes in illicit drug use in Europe quantified by wastewater analysis 8 08 August 2014 Promising subsurface water storage 5 05 August 2014 Business Operations 1 01 August 2014 Abu Dhabi desert dunes suitable for underground water storage 25 25 July 2014 The Watershare® knowledge network expands 20 20 July 2014 Water planning: From what Time Perspective? 15 15 July 2014 Better coordination during environmental crises 15 15 July 2014 A Bottom-up Approach to Estimate Dry Weather Flow in Minor Sewer Networks. 14 Like the other keynote speakers, Mirjam Blokker received a certificate from KWR for her presentation at the Water Distribution System Analysis Conference in Bari, Italy. 14 July 2014 International recognition for the SIMDEUM simulation model 5 05 July 2014 Three strategies to treat reverse osmosis brine and cation exchange spent regenerate to increase system recovery 2 02 July 2014 Recovering water from wastewater using forward osmosis 1 01 July 2014 Three new Supervisory Board members 1 01 July 2014 Silica removal to prevent silica scaling in reverse osmosis membranes 1 01 July 2014 Forward osmosis for application in wastewater treatment: A review 25 Close-up van de QToF ionisatiebron 25 June 2014 Detecting quaternary ammonium compounds in water 20 20 June 2014 Better detection of contaminations in distribution networks 15 15 June 2014 Zwitterions as alternative draw solutions in forward osmosis for application in wastewater reclamation 11 11 June 2014 Rubber in thermostatic shower mixing valve is source of Legionella 3 03 June 2014 Reducing residual streams in drinking water production 28 Seminar TKI Watertechnologie 28 May 2014 Innovating through public-private partnerships 27 Stap 1 27 May 2014 Growing interest in drug research 27 Een goed bezocht BTO-congres 27 May 2014 BTO Congress: collaboration in water knowledge is worth it! 19 19 May 2014 Using heat and cold from drinking water and sewers 16 Wetenschappelijke Advies Raad 16 May 2014 Scientific Advisory Board 16 16 May 2014 Relation between water and vegetation in wet grasslands 5 Extractie van biologisch actieve stoffen met Solid Phase Extractie (SPE). Met SPE kunnen opgeloste stoffen op basis van fysische en chemische eigenschappen van elkaar gescheiden worden. 05 May 2014 Broad view of hormone disruptors 30 30 April 2014 The number of KWR publications increases once again 24 24 April 2014 Double inaugural lecture by KWR researchers at Utrecht University 21 Een infiltratieplas van Dunea in de Zuidhollandse duinen 21 April 2014 Dunea can sometimes switch over from Meuse to Lek water for short periods 16 Injectie van vloeibaar ijzerslib 16 April 2014 Iron sludge: from by-product to a resource for phosphorus removal 9 V.l.n.r. prof.dr. Reza Ardakanian en prof.dr. Wim van Vierssen 09 April 2014 Wim van Vierssen appointed to UNU-FLORES Advisory Committee 8 Training group at the Ministry of Health 08 April 2014 Auditing training for Water Safety Plan in Egypt 2 02 April 2014 Relationship between time perception and (professional) culture in water sector revealed 20 20 March 2014 Test article 19 19 March 2014 Enabling Successful Aquifer Storage and Recovery of Freshwater Using Horizontal Directional Drilled Wells in Coastal Aquifers 19 ISPT Director Tjeerd Jongsma (left) and KWR’s CEO Wim van Vierssen (right) sign the partnership agreement on 19 March 2014 during the Aqua Trade Fair Netherlands. 19 March 2014 New boost for collaboration with industry 17 17 March 2014 The presence and growth of Legionella species in thermostatic shower mixer taps: an exploratory field study 8 08 March 2014 Multicomponent analyses for Het Waterlaboratorium 1 01 March 2014 How to achieve optimal and sustainable use of the subsurface for Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage 1 01 March 2014 Two-phase flow in membrane processes: A technology with a future 19 19 February 2014 Organisation chart and staff members 14 14 February 2014 Predicting leaf traits of herbaceous species from their spectral characteristics 13 13 February 2014 Shareholders and their drinking water production 8 08 February 2014 Testing Household Water Treatment Technologies for WHO 1 01 February 2014 Energy in the urban water cycle: Actions to reduce the total expenditure of fossil fuels with emphasis on heat reclamation from urban water 1 01 February 2014 Net turnover 29 29 January 2014 Mapping a priori defined plant associations using remotely sensed vegetation characteristics 26 26 January 2014 Temperature effect on acetate and propionate consumption by sulphate reducing bacteria in saline wastewater 24 24 January 2014 Cellular uptake of nanoparticles as determined by particle properties, experimental conditions, and cell type 20 Deelnemers aan de slotconferentie van PREPARED 20 January 2014 New insights and partnerships thanks to PREPARED 20 Flip Witte 20 January 2014 Predicting the impact of climate change on nature and agriculture 13 13 January 2014 Management team 1 Directeur Wim van Vierssen 01 January 2014 Towards a water-wise world